Thursday, June 13, 2013

If You Haven't Heard Of It: State Of Decay

     Well, first of all, I apologize for the long delay in between posts but work and other things have really taken their toll on me as of late. However hopefully I can return to a more regular posting schedule. As another announcement we have a new author R3con. He is a friend and a fellow Michigander, an all around good guy. I will let him talk more about himself when he puts up his first post.

     Ok, onto this weeks If You Haven't Heard Of It, this week we are going to talk about State of Decay, the new third person, open world, zombie survival game by Undead Labs, and published by Microsoft. Currently it is only available for download via the XBox arcade but at a steal of only $20.

     The game takes place in a remote town, where you start as a fellow named Marcus who is just returning from a camping trip with a friend and zombies attack you. From there you try to acquire more and more fellow survivors, build a base to survive in, scavenge for supplies and well... kill a crap ton of zombies. The different things you do from fighting zombies with melee or guns, or just running and scavenging can increase your various characters stats and give them little bonus powers that vary from person to person. That's right, you get to control different characters, which is needed because your character can get tired, or injured and need to take some time off.

     Unfortunately or perhaps, one of the best things about this game, is that if your character dies... well he dies permanently, there are no reloads, there are no continues... so be careful when roaming and engaging the hordes or special zombies out there (god damn feral zombies...) Personally I have lost 3 survivors already, two that I was controlling, and one that was NPC controlled whom i just could not pull the zombies off him fast enough. It's a heart pounding, fun game, with a good story-line that keeps you interested with plenty of things to do, never a shortage of missions (at least that I can tell yet).

So what are the downsides? Well the obvious one is that its only available on XBox Live Arcade right now, it is supposed to come out eventually for the PC but there is no release date yet, and the problem with large, open world games is still present here, the graphics are good but not quite top tier, yet I can imagine when the game goes to PC, the shortcomings of the XBox graphics wont be present. However over all the graphics are still pretty good and not that noticeable once you get absorbed into the game.

I highly recommend tossing down the 20 if you have and XBox and trying out this game, or buying it as soon as it comes out for PC if you do not.

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So If You Haven't Heard Of State of Decay? Well now you have... hope you check it out!


  1. Buy it, hurry, just try not to cry as your max lvl character gets eaten by a feral zombie lol.

  2. I have been playing this game and it is really fun, not your typical "left for dead" zombie game, it's more about survival resourse management game

  3. It should be noted as well that it is very enjoyable just to watch someone play. I must have been watching the TV with Steve playing for like 4 hours and I gotta say I'm pretty upset that Marcus is dead.