Friday, May 3, 2013

So I have finally backed a Kickstarter...

So, I have finally done it... I have gone and backed a Kickstarter project, after passing over quite a few mini companies bids, as well as computer game companies and dice companies... I finally found one that I just could not bring myself to pass up.

So what project finally allowed me to open my wallet and donate? The game, and it is a video game, an MMO to be precise, is Camelot Unchained, by City State Entertainment. I am not going to do into a ton of details about the game, I mean really, they can do that themselves by visiting their Kickstarter site (sorry ladies and gents its over) here: and/or their website here:

To me the distinct idea of RvR combat on top of everything else a MMO can bring is amazing and sounds like some fun, so I tossed a few bucks ($75 to be exact) to get a few bonus perks including getting into their early beta.

Now... that's not to say I am not nervous about this entire thing. I tossed some nice money at a product I will not be seeing much from (although I do get into some kinda forums thing for people who donated or something) for nearly TWO years and nearly THREE years till release. However this is one of the reasons I have taken my time and waited for the right opportunity. I talked with fellow gamers who are buying in, and heck so what in three years that $75 will see insignificant loss if the thing goes down in flames... but if it succeeds I could be proud to have been part of the startup of an epic game.

As this game comes to fruition expect me to continue to post about it, and perhaps I might even be able to get some interviews with developers and the like for it.

What about you guys? Anyone donate to this game or any other Kickstarter?

Are there any Kickstarters out there I should be paying attention to and think about donating to?

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Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....



  1. I'm enjoying kickstarter, backed a total of 15 projects over the last couple of years. Not all funded, but I've got everything from bloody Mary mix to the soon to release Carmaggedon video game. My only rule is to only have 1 in progress at a time to make sure I think about where I'm putting my money. At the moment that 1 is Secret Weapons excellent Tablescapes.

    1. Huh, I will have to check that out and maybe expand my scope of what to donate to. Have you enjoined everything you have gotten?