Thursday, April 25, 2013

Post Adepticon update... and a story

Well recovery from Adepticon is slow and sometimes painful but man was it worth it, tons of drinking, tons of games, and plenty of good times with old friends and new. So what is next? What came from this wonderful journey? What cool stories are there to tell?!?! Well here we will cover a bit of our fun,

First and foremost though, congrats to all the great champions who won at Adepticon, weather at combat patrol, team tournament, gladiator or the championships. Each and every once of you guys worked hard to get where you are at whether in 40k or Fantasy. Perhaps next year I will stand beside you if my dice roll well and my painting actually gets done.

On another side note, every year Dreadbeard and I, and for the past two years now, The Judge as well have gone on Saturday night at Adepticon to what we call "fancy diner", at the restaurant "Holy Mackerel" (a very nice seafood restaurant , meaning that we spend a crap ton of money on some -very- expensive food, stuffing ourselves to bursting and getting a nice food drunk. If you have never gotten food drunk before, I suggest you join us next year for fancy dinner... we will make the experience worthwhile, just know you will be spending some heavy cash amounts.

First up was the soup Dreadbeard and I got, a shrimp bisque... wonderful seafood flavor to go along with the tomato base, the shrimp was tasteful and fresh, lovely!

Secondly was Oysters Rockefeller, oysters on a half shell with other toppings dipped in a buttery sauce... this has become a staple to order every year for us now, and I am sure will continue to be!

Next comes the side dishes we got, two orders of Lobster Mac & Cheese (you wouldn't believe the amount of lobster in this) and a single order of Goat Cheese Mac & Cheese. Both are also a staple now, and are AMAZING, different flavors entirely and it is shocking how well the Lobster comes through in the former.

Next the main dishes, both the Judge and Dreadbeard ordered Scallops which had some red pepper, spinach and bacon mixture on them served on top of a roasted vegetable risotto, according to The Judge the risotto left something to be wanted, but the scallops were amazing, I will let Dreadbeard comment on his own dish if he wishes.

Then there is the dish I ordered, a Blackened Swordfish Etouffee which had a wonderful Shrimp-Crayfish Sauce on top of a Andouille Risotto with a grilled vegetable medley. Let me tell you, this thing was WONDERFUL! The Swordfish was fresh and spiced to perfection by the blackening, and the risotto was to die for and mixed well with the spiciness of the fish. The vegetables were cooked well and gave a ncie break from the spiciness of the main part of the dish. I have gotten this twice now, and it will be hard to not order it next year... though there are a couple other things that are calling to me on the menu.

Lastly we finished off the night each with a glass of Cockburn 20 year old tawny port. The Judge and Dreadbeard had never had a glass of port after a meal like this that I know of, and to me it was the perfect ending. The soft sweet flavor with its carmely aftertaste, we each savored the drink and lounged in comfortable silence as the food settled into us, talking 40k and the weekend thus far. If you ever want to buy a present for me... think firstly of some good port wine... cause seriously... nothing like it.

Anyhow, next week I will get back to a more regular schedule of posting and give you all some more updates!

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Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....


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