Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to drink cheap at a Con!

Everyone loves a good beer but what about those that can't afford to go to a convention and drink good beer/booze. Here in Michigan we love our brews and booze but it can get expensive fast, especially when you have to drop money on a hotel room, entry fee, and of course merch. So what can you drink that doesn't taste like piss and will save you a buck when you're getting your nerd on? How do we drink for cheaper than normal bar prices?

5 rules to cheap drinking:

1. Buy before you go. Seriously, if you see a deal on beer or liqueur at you local booze store, buy it! Beer keeps a lot longer than most people think. 99% of hotels don't care about you having booze in your room.

2. Buy in bulk. Most smaller party stores will have a "case price" for the booze you want. It's usually a hefty savings.

3. Co-ops work for booze. Got a room with 5 people in it? raise the split a little and take the extra to buy booze for the room even $25 bucks a person goes along way I would love to buy $125 dollars worth of beer for a 4 day con.

4. Stick to liquor. It gets you where you want to be a lot faster

5. Airplane bottles! A lot of times liqueur company's have their pricing so that buying 15-50ml bottles will be cheaper than buying a 750ml bottle (fifth). Also for those cons that won't let you bring outside booze in they are very easy to hide.

"So what can we drink?" Here are my top five picks excluding major domestics (miller,coors,Budweiser,etc).

5 Cheap Drinks:

1. Genesee Cream Ale: at my local liquor store these are $1 for a 24oz can and it tastes pretty damn good or a case (12) for $10

2. Seagrams vodka: pretty smooth and mixes well with everything.

3. Budweiser black lager: actually pretty decent darker lager

4. Cupcake moscoto: yeah I know it sounds Girly but that stuff is amazing and cheap by wine standards

5. Paddys Irish whiskey: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say better then Jameson and almost 1/3 cheaper.

Alright guys drink up and peace out!



  1. I have to say this is some of the best advice there is for the pre-con stage of planning. Buying drinks at a con is a good way to go broke, but bringing your own means better choices and more money for minis, like when FW forgets the conversion rate and does an even pound for dollar exchange!

  2. thanks for sharing..