Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A site in review, Roll20.net

For those of you out there who love RPGs I have a website that I have been doing a bit of research on called Roll20.net, that you might just be interested in. The site is an online tabletop, designed to allow a group of people from all over the internet meet up and play a bunch of different RPGs at different times of the day, any day of the week they so choose.

The site itself is pretty well laid out, with a decent search system for finding a game you want to join or one you want to DM in. Right now I am working on getting a group of people together to play in a campaign there as a group of friends I have do not live nearby yet still want to all get together and play some Dungeons and Dragons.

We are using the site, along with a group in Facebook to get organized, to play, as the site even includes the ability to overlay maps and other things with tokens and the like. I highly suggest taking a look at the site if you are an RPer who wants to get involved with more games that you just cannot find in your local area. Heck you might even want to try to start your own game on there!

As my group begins to use the site and understand it more I will give you guys some more updates and knowledge about it. Heck I might even start my own campaign on there!

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