Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If you haven't seen this video about how to set up terrain at Adepticon...

The guys at Second Founding recently released a video on YouTube that shows how the initial setup of games is going to take place at Adepticon. If you have not watched it and plan on attending any events I highly recommend taking a look. They even give a couple pointers as to why they are setting the terrain they have in the fashion they so choose. These guys are top tier players so pay attention to what they have to say! (video below the break)

(warning: contains possibly offensive language, definitely adult language)

Personally I -love- this method of terrain setup, it solves some of the issues with what is in the book, takes away from having to switch sides cause your opponent thinks that whomever setup the board is against them on their side so they want to switch and places the blame of terrain setup -squarely- on the people playing the match. Without your opponent being able to shut down those points you spent on your fortifications.

Its a little mini-game before the game starts, forcing you to think about what your opponent is bringing to the table and what you need to do to protect your side from him, whether to simply attempt to slow him down or  to hole up in your backfield and leave open terrain for him to cross.

I used this in the recent Combat Patrol tournament that I ran and my players seemed to enjoy it and it made them really thing on how they wanted to place things, especially when mysterious terrain came into play. "Do I -really- want that forest there which could give him a SWEET save" or "Do I REALLY want that river going through that part of the board when it could be REALLY good or REALLY bad" It added a whole different level of excitement and intrigue to the games and at times both helped and hindered the players.

As a note, if you have not been playing with the full rule-set  including all the mysterious terrain types and objectives, you -have not- been playing 6th edition. Those rules are there for a reason, to be used! They add a lot of depth to the game-play  For instance it can make a player think twice about taking a ton of psykers if there is a mysterious archeotech device on the board... it might just blow up and kill all his psykers REAL fast. That kind of knowledge that he -might- run across that means he will have to build his lists accordingly, helping out those codexes who do not have all the cool psyker stuff that others have.

With that I will leave you, leave your  comments here and your questions as well, unless you would rather ask the guys on their video, as they did ask for questions. As for Adepticon I do hope to see quite a few of you there, it will be quite a bit of fun, drunken adventures!

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Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....


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  1. i love the line "no sense in not having fun guys, remember you're still playing with toys"