Friday, May 2, 2014

Firestormin' and a Tournament on the 4th

So lately the guys at the FLGS have been playing what we like to call "SPACESHIPS" but what really is the fun and exciting (and recently updated) game by Spartan Games called Firestorm Armada.

If you have not heard Spartan Games, I do suggest checking them out, they have a variety of games and are currently expanding even further with their ground based game set in the Firestorm Armada universe called Planetfall where epic battles between ground troops, tanks and mechs will determine who controls the world that your space fleets have also been fighting over.

Yet I digress, we are here to speak on Firestorm Armada...

Personally it brought me back to tabletop gaming after a long break from Warhammer 40k, and got me even to start painting again (yes I will get you all pictures of my cool spaceships soon enough), and yes Dreadbeard, I know I have been slacking in the painting the past two weeks...
I love how the game feels, epic distances of combat, the very dangerous comets and asteroids and planetary gravity, trying to use these against your opponent by outmaneuvering them while still trying to shoot them to tiny space bits with your fleet.

The game has a variety of scales to play at even, and at various points the force org chart changes up how the game is played in strategic terms, i am not going to get into details yet, those things will come as I post more about the game (and hopefully Dreadbeard does as well).

However, if you do play this game and are living anywhere close to the Lansing area (or heck if you wanna make a trip) this Sunday, the 4th, Evolution Games is running a tournament for FSA at 800 points! so come and play! Perhaps you shall even face me and my killer Hawker Industries fleet... prepare!!!!

I know this was brief and rambly, but i wanted to post something and let you all know about the tourny! Here is some more details from Evolution Games facebook

Firestorm Armada Tournament

May 4th

Registration begins at 11:00am
Dice roll at Noon

800 points, Patrol Fleet
$10 Entry

The Following Missions will be played in no particular order.
Border Clash
Hold the Waygates
Recover Resources

Players will be responsible for the following
Players may bring 2 lists. Both lists must use the same main faction. You may decide to use either list before each round.

Players will need 2 copies of their/both lists

Battle Stations may not be fielded

All models must be the actual models if they exist. Proxies must be pre-approved.

Painting is encouraged, but not required

We will have a demo table set up all day so new or interested players are encouraged to show up and give the dice a roll!

Well, until next time... blow some shit up! Drink some beer, and just enjoy life!

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