Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from us at Gaming, Beer, and Bullshit

Happy Thanks giving from us here at GB&B, we hope you enjoy your holiday and spend it with your family and/or friends in celebration of all there is to be greatful for.

A brief update for those of you new to the blog, and old timers as well.

With the rising tide of streaming video games and other things, I am hoping to make this blog part of that community. For not only streaming video games, but tabletop tournaments in the Michigan area, and beyond. It will take some work, and I do not know how good I will be at it, but it is an idea. Will this stop some of my other postings? No I will continue to try to provide good reviews on various games and products out there...

For those of you enjoying watching my stream, I should be back on Friday to get some gaming in!

Hope to see you all there

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